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Conductivity Controller Dosing setting


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Conductivity Controller Dosing setting Quantity and Delay Time before starting dosing
10 Days Returnable;
Heavy Duty Industrial use 24×7 working
1 Year Warranty and 6-7 years nominal Life in a Normal Atmosphere.


Conductivity Controller Dosing setting; 2 Set Point, Time Delay

Hence Work Instruction Digital Conductivity Controller Dosing setting
While SET High limit and Low limit of EC Value for Buzzer / Relay Operation

a) Press the SET button Upper display shows H-EC the higher limit to set and lower display shows the value of H-EC already set Press UP and DN buttons to set Higher Limit
b) press the SET button once again to set Dosing Quantity in ML-1 if EC Value goes higher from H-EC then the concerned dosing pump will dose ML-1
c) Press the SET button once again Upper display shows L-EC the lower limit to set and the lower display shows the value of L-EC already set
d) press SET button once again to set Dosing Quantity in ML-2 if pH Value goes lower from LPH than concerned dosing pump will dose ML-2 quantity
e) Press the SET button again to Set Delay Time DELY in Minutes. It works if EC Value goes more than H-EC or less Than L-EC value than Dosing will Start after this delay for a set value of Quantity in ML-1 or ML-2, after dosing it will further wait for monitoring EC Value before next dosing.
f) Press SET Button again or ENT button to save the changes else change will remove after power OFF

Technical Specifications : Conductivity Controller Dosing setting

  1. Range: 0000 to 9999 ucm / mcm
  2. Conductivity : 20µ/cms, 200µ/cms, 2mili & 200mil
  3. Resolution: 0.01, 0.1
  4. Accuracy: ±1%  @ 25°c
  5. In Built Display: 4 Digit, Red Led Display
  6. Selection Calibration: Single Point
  7. Power Requirement: 230v A.c ± 10%, 50hz Single Phase
  8. Environment: 5 to 50°c
  9. Dimension: 96 x 96 x 80 mm
  10. Weight: 1 Kgs (approx)
  11. Supply 220 VAc

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