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Safety Light Curtain SLC-1030



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Safety Light Curtain SLC-1030; Heavy Duty, industrial use, 24×7 days working, 10 days Returnable, 1 year warranty.
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Safety Light Curtain SLC-1030

Hence specification of Safety Light Curtain Sensor, Safety Light Curtain SLC-1030 are
Hence the PITCH: 30 MM
While output PNP or NPN/ NC
Output indications Through corresponding LEDs
Hence Sensor Power Supply 12-24 volts DC
And Response time On to off:10-15 msec.
While Operating Temperature Up to 55 Degrees centigrade
Protections Output short circuit protected
But Cross Section 50X36 mm

Controller for safety Curtain Sensor :

Power Supply Controller 220 VAC;
Relay Output ; 1 or 2 relay

Cable Set For Safety Light Curtain

Two Cables are Required for Installation

  1. Emitter cable length 5 Meter
  2.  Reciever Cable Length 3 Meter
  3. with suitable Connectors at one End

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Other Features:-

Sensor Power Supply  : 12-24 volts DC
output  ; PNP or NPN/ NC
Output indications ; Through corresponding LEDs
Response time On to off : 10-15 msec.
No of beams : 8,10,12,16, 18, 24, 30, or as required
Beam bypass Provided in Controller
Adjustable Range Up to 3 meters
Higher Sensing range up to 5,10,15 meter. available on demand
Standard Cable length 5 meters for the emitter, 3 meters for the receiver
Operating Temperature Up to 55 Degrees centigrade
Protections Output short circuit protected
Suitable for Machines with quick emergency stop

Hence Safety Light curtains must comply with IEC-61496 parts 1 & 2 ; as ANSI/UL 61496 parts 1 & 2. While Light curtains’ “TYPE” their Safety Performance Level, must be appropriately selected. Light curtains’ optional functions, as listed in Annex “A” of IEC-61496 part 1, must comply with Annex “A” requirements.
working Principle:
A safety light curtain consists of two parts: Transmitter + Receiver. – The transmitter contains multiple Infrared LEDs that send pulses of infrared light to the receiver. When an interrupt occurred between the transmitter and receiver then we receive an output that used to stop working or raise alarm.

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