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Forward Reverse Timer


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Forward Reverse Timer

Heance Forward Reverse Timer is used to operate control element in the direction either both continuously. While This timer is with the additional most useful facility of in-between delay time. Hence It has two different time ranges to choose i.e. Seconds or Minutes. On-Line Display of time and run status mode.
Hence we may set reverse and forward time in second or in minutes mode individually. While Timer is two types in which with stop time seting or without Stop time between ON and OFF Time.

Technical Specifications:

Range: 000 to 999
Mode: Seconds / Minutes / Hours for both times individually
Resolution : 1
Tolerence : +/- 1% pH

Output : Potential Free relay Output with Display
Calibration : Front Panel buttons;
Input : Sensor / Switch
Display : Seven Segment Bright LED Display

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Operating Voltage : 220 Vac
Size : 96 * 96 * 110
Body : PP/ABS

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