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pH Meter

Digital pH Controller Online


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2 Set Point, 2 Potential free relay output for high and low level

Digital pH Controller Online

The setting of Alarm Levels:
pH Controller Analog Output | pH Controller Manufacturers | Digital pH Controller | Online pH Controller | Digital pH Controller Online,
Upper-Level Dosing Pump ON/OFF or Alarm Setting:
Press the Set button once. Now use the UP and DN buttons to set the Higher level alarm/relay output. If the pH value of the solution goes more than this value relay 1 will turn ON. It provide potential-free contact as output. Now Press/Push ENT Button to save.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Range : 0.00 to 14.0 pH
  2. Resolution : 0.01 pH
  3. Calibration : Front Panel Screw; 4pH and 7pH Value
  4. Input: pH Probe any Brand BNC Connector
  5. Set Point 2 Nos Upper Limit and Lower Limit
  6. Output Potential Free Output
  7. Display: Seven-Segment Bright LED Display
  8. Operating Voltage: 220 Vac
  9. Size : 96 * 96 * 85
  10. Body: PP/ABS

pH Controller Lower Level Dosing Pump ON/OFF or Alarm Setting:

Press the Set button twice. Now use UP and DN buttons to set Lower level alarm/relay output. If pH Value of solution goes Less than this value relay 2 will turn ON. While it provide potential-free contact as output. Now
Press / Push ENT button once to save changes

Types of pH Meters : Digital pH Controller Online

Hence we supply a wide range of pH Meters. While use and application are different. We Introduce here 6 types of pH Meters; So please click on link given here 1 to 6; if you want to “Know More about” any product; and technical specifications. While “click here”; if you are interested to know more products in this range. Digital pH Controller Online

  1. Digital pH Meter : Online Panel Mounted with 2 point calibration.
  2. Online pH Meter :  with 0 to 10 volt analog output and 2 point calibration
  3. Digital pH Meter  : with 0-20 MA output and 2 point calibration
  4. Digital pH Meter  : with 485 Modbus protocol and 2 point calibration
  5. pH Meter Table Top : for Laboratory use and 2 point calibration
  6. Sensor / Probe / Electrode for pH Meter / pH Controller

pH Controller distributor and supplier : Digital pH Controller Online

Hence we are supplier / dealer of Digital pH Controller Online. We have many type of pH Meter as well as Controller. We design there meters as per your requirement. Hence please click the link; given below to Reed more about given products. Or “Click Here”; to see more products in this category.

  1. Online pH Controller with 2 Point Calibration, 1 Set Point and Single Relay output
  2. Digital pH Controller with 2 Point Calibration, 2 Set Point and 2 Relay output
  3. Online pH Controller Online with 2 Point Auto Calibration, 2 Set Point and  2 Relay output
  4. pH Controller Online with 2 Point Auto Calibration, 2 Set Point and  2 Relay output, Dosing Quantity and Analysis Time Setting

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