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Reset Counter

Reset Counter, Reset Counter Meter, Digital Counter Meter
Operating Principle of Digital Counter Meter
A Counter meter has a small device that converts the voltage of the frequency into a train of uni-directional pulses. The frequency of the input signal is displayed as count.
We may set any desired value in this counter, it increases its count on each pulse received, relay output received if the production count is equal to the preset count.

Products of This Catagory :

  1. Digital Counter 6 Digits
  2. Counter Totalizer 6 Digits
  3. Counter with Timer 6 Digits
  4. Production Batch Counter 6 Digits
  5. Preset Counter 6 Digits
  6. Preset Counter 4 Digit Double Display
  7. Length Meter / Length Counter

Features of Digital Counter for production use :

6 digit bright LED light, clear to read.
Good stability, high accuracy, and easy installation. Counting value will be retained when power failure.
Wide application to automation equipment and test equipment, Compact size, beautiful appearance.

Technical Specifications : Reset Counter

Range : 000000 to 999999
Resolution : 1
Input : Proximity Sensor / Limit switch
Out Put : Potential free Relay Contact (5A)
Display : 6 Digits, Seven Segment Bright LED Display
Operating Voltage : 220 Vac
Size : 96 * 48 * 110
Body : PP/ABS

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