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pH Meter

ph meter in new delhi


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This pH Meter works on Principle of Hydrogen Ion Concentration and Flow of these Ions

2 Point calibration provided in this Meter for calibration at 4.00 pH and 7.00 pH, Screw for calibration provided on front panel.

Technical Specifications: 

  1. Range : 0.00 to 14.0 pH
  2. Resolution : 0.01 pH
  3. Calibration : Front Panel Screw; 4pH and 7pH Value
  4. Input: pH Probe any Brand BNC Connector
  5. Display: Seven-Segment Bright LED Display
  6. Operating Voltage: 220 Vac
  7. Size : 96 * 96 * 85
  8. Body: PP/ABS

Calibration Process : ph meter in new delhi

  1. Clean the pH Sensor or probe gently by DM water
  2. Dip the pH Probe in Standard Solution of 7.00 pH
  3. Hence wait for 2 Minutes till reading stable
  4. Now Rotate the Screw of 7 calibration
  5. Hence Match the display value 7.00;  +/- 0.05
  6. Pic the pH Sensor / pH Probe
  7. Wash in DM water gently
  8. Dip the pH probe / Sensor in 4.00 Standerd Solution
  9. Hence wait for 2 minutes till Reading stable
  10. Now Rotate the screw of 4.00 calibration
  11. Hence Match the Display Value 4.00; +/- 0.05
  12. Note : Hence its necessary to once repeat the above process to confirm that the calibration is perfect.

When the H+ ion concentration is more than 7.0 pH, the solution is acidic; Then H+ ion is less than 7.0 pH, Now the solution is alkaline. Low pH indicates high H+ ion concentration; High pH indicates low H+ concentration. Hence the pH scale inversely related to concentration of H+ in any given solution; and directly related to OH– ion concentration. pH Meter in New Delhi

Types of pH Meters :

Hence we supply a wide range of pH Meters. While use and application are different. We Introduce here 6 types of pH Meters; So please click on link given here 1 to 6; if you want to “Know More about” any product; and technical specifications. While “click here”; if you are interested to know more products in this range.

  1. Digital pH Meter : Online Panel Mounted with 2 point calibration.
  2. Online pH Meter : with 0 to 10 volt analog output and 2 point calibration
  3. Digital pH Meter : with 0-20 MA output and 2 point calibration
  4. Digital pH Meter : with 485 Modbus protocol and 2 point calibration
  5. pH Meter Table Top : for Laboratory use and 2 point calibration
  6. Sensor / Probe / Electrode for pH Meter / pH Controller
pH Meter Online

When acidic solution is rich in H+ ion concentration. Then pH probe dipped in an acidic solution, Here H+ ion moves close to the glass membrane of the sensitive glass bulb (external side of the bulb). Hence Similar reaction occurs inside the bulb, filled with buffer solution of neutral pH 7.

Hence this causes the difference in the concentration of hydrogen ion or degree of hydrogen ion activity across the membrane causing difference in the potential (voltage). While the hydrogen ion concentration inside the glass bulb is less than the outside solution (test solution), then the given solution is acidic and hence the pH is lower than 7. ph meter in new delhi

While the Hydrogen ions concentration across the membrane similar then called as neutral pH and the pH is equal to 7.  If the concentration of hydrogen ion of inside the bulb than outside solution then the given solution is alkaline and the pH is more than 7. ph meter in new delhi

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pH Meter
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