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Controller for Safety Light Curtain



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Controller for Safety Light Curtain

Hence we MCS given Specification of Controller for Safety Light Curtain. While This Controller having 3 Relays available for Total Control.
But Only 2 Relays potential free output are Provided.
Hence C- No and C- NC of Both Relays Out for Connections.
Bypass Mode also available in this Controller
Power supply 220 Vac
Connection for 3 wire Emitter and 4 wire receiver.


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This Control Box was launched by Team of Machine Control Systems. Operative with a single phase power supply. This Product having a valid warranty of one year. from date of Invoice.Controller for Safety Light Curtain


The Manufacturer Has assure that this product will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of More than One years from the date of shipment thereof. While Within the warranty period, the manufacturer will repair or replace (at our permises) any product that is disclosed as defective upon examination. Also by the manufacturer and is returned with shipping charges prepaid.Controller for Safety Light Curtain


As provisions of the warranty are the sole obligations of the manufacturer. Also exclude all other warranties of merchant ability, expressed or implied. While Further, there are no warranties that extend beyond the above warranty.Controller for Safety Light Curtain

Limitation of Liability

Hence In the event of any claim for breach of any obligations of the manufacturer under any order. while  expressed or implied, and particularly in the event of any claim of a breach of the warranty or warranties. We MCS have designed our equipment to the very highest performance and safety standards known to the current upgraded technological state of the art.Controller for Safety Light Curtain

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