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pH Meter

PH Sensor Toshniwal 3 Meter Cable


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pH Sensor / pH Electrode / pH Sensor / pH Sensor ON-Line
PH Sensor Toshniwal 3 Meter Cable, BNC Connector
for Industrial use, Epoxy Coated unbreakable.

PH Sensor Toshniwal 3 Meter Cable

OPERATION, PH Sensor Toshniwal 3 Meter Cable
pH Sensor Industrial use, Online pH Electrode
Dip the pH Sensor in Chemical Solution to read and display the value.
design and Construction of pH meter Probe

1. Glass bulb: It is a sensor that senses the H+ ion concentration and it is made from special type of glass and membrane. The glass bulb consists of 0.1M HCL Solution.
2. Internal electrode: this electrode made by silver chloride.
3. Internal solution: The silver chloride electrode is dipped in buffer solution of 0.1 mol/L KCL of pH 4 to pH 7.
4. Reference Electrode: It is also the silver chloride electrode use for reference.

Types of pH Meters : PH Sensor Toshniwal 3 Meter Cable

Hence we supply a wide range of pH Meters. While use and application are different. We Introduce here 6 types of pH Meters; So please click on link given here 1 to 6; if you want to “Know More about” any product; and technical specifications. While “click here”; if you are interested to know more products in this

  1. Digital pH Meter : Online Panel Mounted with 2 point calibration.
  2. Online pH Meter :  with 0 to 10 volt analog output and 2 point calibration
  3. Digital pH Meter  : with 0-20 MA output and 2 point calibration
  4. Digital pH Meter  : with 485 Modbus protocol and 2 point calibration
  5. pH Meter Table Top : for Laboratory use and 2 point calibration
  6. Sensor / Probe / Electrode for pH Meter / pH Controller

pH Controller distributor and supplier : digital-ph-controller-india

Hence we are supplier / dealer of Digital pH Controller Online. We have many type of pH Meter as well as Controller. We design there meters as per your requirement. Hence please click the link; given below to Reed more about given products. Or “Click Here”; to see more products in this category. digital-ph-controller-india

  1. Online pH Controller with 2 Point Calibration, 1 Set Point and Single Relay output
  2. Digital pH Controller with 2 Point Calibration, 2 Set Point and 2 Relay output
  3. Online pH Controller Online with 2 Point Auto Calibration, 2 Set Point and  2 Relay output
  4. pH Controller Online with 2 Point Auto Calibration, 2 Set Point and  2 Relay output, Dosing Quantity and Analysis Time Setting

Join us as a Dealer & Distributor in your city India. Hence we also promise doorstep delivery of the products without any delays. To place an order; or send your inquiry or call now “8178668698”. Our experts would be glad to assist you.

pH Meter
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