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Humidity Sensor I2C


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Humidity Sensor Probe for Humidity and Temperature Meter and Controller

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Humidity Sensor I2C

almost Humidity Sensor I2C work by detecting changes that alter electrical currents or temperature in the air. Hence Two thermal conduct electricity based upon the humidity of the surrounding air. One sensor is encased in dry nitrogen while the other measures ambient air. The difference between the two measures the humidity.
The Resistivity Sensor for Humidity is usually made up of materials with relatively low resistivity and this resistivity changes significantly

Features:Humidity Sensor I2C

  1. Low power consumption, small size, with temperature compensation.
  2. Calibration micro controller linear output, ease of use, low cost.
  3. Completely interchangeable.
  4. long-distance signal transmission.
  5. Precise calibration.
  6. Storage humidity range: 95% RH (no condensing)

Specifications :-

  1. Supply voltage (V) DC 3.5V 5%
  2. Current Consumption 2 mA (MAX 5mA)
  3. Operating temperature range (C) 0 ~ 60 degree centigrade
  4. Humidity Sensor I2C storage Humidity range 95% RH
  5. Humidity measuring range 10 ~ 95% RH
  6. Storage temperature range (C) 0 ~ 60 degree centigrade
  7. Humidity measurement accuracy 5% RH (condition: at25 )
  8. Humidity Sensor I2C Cable Length (cm) 23
  9. Length (mm) 60
  10. Dia (mm) 16
  11. Weight (gm) 25

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