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Chiller Temperature Controller


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hiller Temperature Controller. Heavy duty industrial use 24×7 days working,1 year warranty..

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Chiller Temperature Controller

Digital Temperature Controller, Chiller Temperature Controller

Set Value of Preset Temperature
Push SET Button Once, use UP and DN buttons to adjust the required value, Press ENT button to save Preset Value
Set Relay Histerisys (set the difference between relay ON and OFF value)
Press UP and DN Button at Once, Switch ON the Power, Set Desired value between ON and OFF position

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Calibration Process:Chiller Temperature Controller

Hence to Calibrate temperature value please check the difference (D) between actual temperature and Display of this meter. Now follow the given process of Chiller Temperature Controller.

Now Ist of all Switch Off The Power and then
Press SET and UP buttons both and hold it
Now Switch Power ON and release the buttons you hold. Hence you may see CAL Value equal to 021 or else any value.
Hence Use up and Down Buttons equal to + or – of (D) value to calibrate temperature
the difference value is a % difference value
for example difference 20 means temperature calibrated by 20% ie. 20 degrees on a 100-degree scale.
if the working temperature is 200 degrees then the difference will be adjusted by 40 degrees centigrade

Chiller Temperature Controller

Technical Specification Chiller Temperature Controller
1. Range 000 to 400 Degree
2. Tolerance: +/- 2-degree centigrade
3. Display: 3 Digit LED 0.56? character height
4. Relay Operation Guaranteed within 1 Degree
5. Front Panel Calibration by Touch Switch
6. Thermocouple J Type
7. Source Supply: 220 Vac, Range 180 ~ 240 Vac
8. ABS / Plastic Body

Digital Temperature Controller

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