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pH Meter

UMA Industries the new setup of Machine Control Systems (MCS) : Click Here to Contact Us , / Whats-Up your Massage ,Hence It is a manufacturer and Supplier of Electronic Digital Meters for Control Panel. While Main Products are Online pH meter, Online Digital pH Controller for Chemical Dosing. Online TDS meter and Digital Conductivity meters for water testing. While Temperature Controller and Digital Oven Temperature and Time Controllers for Bakery, Coating Ovens etc. Our unit at Faridabad (Haryana) for Manufacturing of Salt Spray Test Chamber, Oven Temperature Controller, Digital Timer, Online pH Meter, pH Meter for Dosing Pump, Conductivity Meter or EC Meter and EC Controller, TDS Meter and TDS Controller, Poultry fan Controller, Digital Length Meter, Preset Counter, Counter with Timer, Temperature controller with Timer, RPM Meter, Reverse Forward Timer, Cyclic Timer, Safety Guard, pH/ORP Meter and pH/ ORP Controller, Homepage Digital

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Online PH Meter
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